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Webinar: Making the most of the newly launched Oxford Dictionaries API V2.3

SimoneSimone Administrator admin
edited March 27 in News and updates

The Oxford Dictionaries API allows easy access to our world-renowned language content, and the API V2.3 has just launched, making new functionality available:

  • The sought after inflections endpoint is now available to use.
  • The Russian bilingual, Arabic bilingual, and English-Marathi bilingual datasets are now also available
  • Updates added to the translations endpoint.

José Vallejo-Diaz (Lead Language Technologist), and Franz Vitulli (Product Manager), presented an overview of the API V2.3 and how you can make the most of it, on an interactive session on 26 March.

This recording will be available here soon, watch this space!

Find out more about the V2.3 updates here.

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