Add missing definition

How do we go about adding a missing word to Spanish?

"destaca" is 3rd person sing conjugation of destacar - meaning to stick out.

It doesn't appear in the lemma search or (correctly) in the definition; the infinitive and other conjugations are in the database.

Is there a procedure for submission?



  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @ko_meara942

    Thanks for flagging this up to us.

    My colleagues investigated, and this doesn't seem to be a missing entry - We have the ES-EN and ES monolingual entries ‘destacar’. 'Destaca’ wouldn't be a headword on its own, so it’s not a case of a missing definition.

    They also checked the API and were able to retrieve the lemma in the lemmas endpoint and were able to find the infinitive using the search endpoint.

    Could you please let us the request you are sending?
    We may be able to spot if there is something missing in it.

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