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Difference in entries between V1 and V2

laramanlaraman Member
edited July 2019 in General

Dear Admins,

Why in version 2 for some words such as : primate, gray

there are two "result" sections, while in version 1 there is only 1 "result" section?

In another mean the results arry in v2 for these words (primate, gray
) has two elements!

I would be so thankful if you check and explain the difference. Did you divide what is in one element in V1 into two elements in V2? Why has this not happened for other words?


id: "gray",
metadata: {
operation: "retrieve",
provider: "Oxford University Press",
schema: "RetrieveEntry"
results: [
word: "gray"


metadata: {
provider: "Oxford University Press"
results: [


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