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If I try to use the thesaurus API for certain words it returns 404. Does this mean that the API we can use has a limited range of words? (not the oxford dictionary words?) for example I get 404 for: cuttlefish, and tentacle... Is anyone else getting this problem?

I get it even when running the API through the website at:!/Thesaurus/get_entries_source_lang_word_id_synonyms

EDIT: I just tried again, and it worked. Does this mean that I am calling the API too quickly for multiple words?

Edit 2: I've been trying every so often, it barely ever works. Once in half an hour. Maybe the system is being overloaded? or I have a bad connection? It doesn't make sense.




  • melliot73melliot73 Member

    OK, it seems like some words just aren't in

    I even get 404 returns for British spellings of words like "realise". Where realize (american) would be accepted...

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