Find word ID


What's the best way to find the ID of a word?

For example, ID 132287-33271555w appears to represent the word "orchestra" - as seen in the example below, but how do I do the opposite - pass in a word and get the ID back for use elsewhere?!/word/get_word_id


  • RobinBRobinB Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited December 2018

    Hi @jmiller,

    If you input a word as the value in the "lemma" parameter of the /words/ endpoint, (e.g. .../words/?lemma=orchestra) this will return the ID of the word within the results.

    "id": "132287-33271555w",
    "band": 9,
    "lemma": "orchestra",
    "oed_url": "",

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