I am approaching the limits of my allowance. Will I be charged if I go over?

annarita__amenduniannarita__amenduni Member
edited October 2018 in Frequently asked questions

If it looks as though you are close to hitting your request limit for the month, you will receive a notification in plenty of time to log-in to your account and change it to a higher level account, with a greater request allowance.

You can change your plan by signing in and navigating to 'API credentials', clicking on the name of your application, and then clicking 'Review/Change'.

If you have a Free account, and choose to stay on your existing plan once you have hit your monthly allowance, your access will cease for the remainder of the month, but you will not be charged anything extra.

Those on our paid plans will still have access to the API once they have hit their monthly request limit, but will be charged £0.002 per additional call.


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