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Has anyone connected through google sheets (Script)? I'm a complete novice at this and failing with getting it running.

Many thanks, James

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  • jharcombe0jharcombe0 Member
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    FYI we managed to get it working. It needed quite a lot of custom scripting within google sheets and it's not really something I know much about technically (we contracted it to a programmer).

    If anyone passing through the forum in future who is interested in using google sheets wants to try with the base code we got, I've attached it to this post.

    I'll try to answer any questions about it but we're English teachers not programmers so please KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid :p

    Hope it helps others out in future and thanks Oxford for providing this service - it's really helping our students here.


  • AmosDuveenAmosDuveen Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @jharcombe0,

    Thanks for sharing - I'm glad you got it to work, even if you needed to enlist some help to do it. I should probably add that it need not be this complex (just in case anyone is reading this in future and gets scared looking at your attachment).

    What you have there is an entire script which doesn't just make a call but also does a fair amount of processing to the output. That is probably the custom scripting you were referring to. Your programmer also made a lot of use of variables, which is good practice for serious coders (why change a setting in 5 different places when you can change it once and let a variable do the rest?) but adds to the complexity of the code.

    This script is certainly a lot more complex than the small snippets formulating the actual request call that I tend to be focused on, but it's really interesting to see. Thank you.

  • jharcombe0jharcombe0 Member

    Hi AmosDuveen,

    We actually had a script connecting into Oxford with just 5 lines, but we were limited to how we could process things on the spreadsheet side rather than the API/Oxford (as well as being "thick as two short planks" when it comes to programming) so we opted to pass it on to someone more "in the know".

    She came back with something above what we were expecting and are so far really pleased with the outcome.

    Cheers, James

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